Seafood by the sea Shore

_MG_5909One of the happening places of Singapore (as far as I’ve witnessed) is Fullerton Square.

_MG_5902Many places with different budget will offer different types of cuisine.

Palm Beach Seafood restaurant was our choice as we were in a true seafood mood (and their website is quite well designed… Merchandising, always does the trick when a new-bee), and given all the different rewards it has, it had definitely awaken our curiosity (new recipes are also proving to be a hit, such as the « gingerly giant prawns », chosen as one of the top ten signature dishes at the 2007 Singapore Food Festival).

We got a table facing the water, and according to the waitress, the house’s speciality is the chilli crab, as well as the giant prawns.
Unfortunately, those signature dishes we a bit over an already generous budget…

_MG_5884A quick look at the menu and we all agreed to share a seafood platter (after-all, that’s what we had come for).

_MG_5897The picture of the platter was mouth watering, and as you need a minimum of 4 to order it, we felt we’d chip in for that imaginary 4th person and have a blast.

_MG_5880As we were awaiting for the platter, the business around the Fullerton Square is quite a must see, for who ever discovers Singapore.
The boat building becomes this neon throwing landscape element, from green to purple lights… The water echos with some other buildings and light effects, less physically impressive, yet taking part of the visual show.

When the platter made it’s entry, I must admit we were all a tad disappointed by the quantities :

  • 4 oysters
  • 4 prawns
  • 4 salmon sashimi
  • 4 crab « paws »
  • a spicy squid salad

_MG_5868Don’t get me wrong, the entire platter was an absolute delight. But 5 bites for 32$, to which you then add the taxes and service is a bit of a rip off (and we were splitting the 4th imaginary dude’s bill as well)…

Let’s say that it was an amazingly great and overpriced mise en bouche, that definitely got us up and about : looking for true filling food.

The bill, for a « 4 persons » seafood platter and a beer pitcher was a little under 200$

_MG_5906Palm Beach Seafood
#01-09, One Fullerton, 1 Fullerton Road

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