Singapore Boat Quay Breakfast – O Comptoir


_MG_5937If you’re on that one street were everyone got drunk last night, you might be looking for something that.

You know you’re in the backpackers area (or cheap hostels) when, as you’re ordering your cappuccino late on a late Sunday morning, overlooking Boat Quay, the guy next to you orders a beer._MG_5935

And as much as I like beer, the smell of it before noon is a bit too much.

IMG_4909If you’re not into having brunch surrounded by hung over tourists, but that you’re still in the area and too lazy to go anywhere fancy, O Comptoir might just do the trick.

It’s a French-style eatery specialised in galettes and crepes, on Circular Road.

Their brunch menu is for 32$, and you get both hot & cold beverage, a choice of galette, and a vienoiserie.

You can also just go for a dish, and you may choose from a selection of crepes, galettes, with or without salad, fresh fruit juices…

You’ll also see that there many vegetarian options.IMG_5942

As we wern’t all that hungry and more in for the wifi and the cappuccino, I still did treat myself with a « galette salad », goat cheese, figs, roasted almonds and a honey dressing.

Shilou had the fresh fruit & yoghurt, cutely served in those « wanabee » vintage pots.IMG_5940

A true great experience, even if the bill took quite some asking to finally make it to the table (and as I had to catch my flight back to Saigon, this little finish detail is here worth noticing)

O Comptoir,
79 Circular Rd, Singapore

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