Ella – (One of the) Best nature fix ever

dsc00656Voila. It was the second stop of my solo holidays: heading to Ella.
I had reached Kandy 2 nights before from Colombo, had booked 2nd class tickets to Ella on arrival, had done my bit of sightseeing and chilling…
dsc00755Was now waiting for the train, supposedly world know to be a treat for the eyes…

Of all of Sri Lanka (given the little bit I’ve done so far), I’d say without a doubt, hesitation nor any second thoughts, that Ella was beyond what I could have imagined, and by far met all of the expectations I had, especially those I had not thought of.

I won’t bring up India over here – Manali, Gulmarg, Munnar, Corbet, sunrise on the Nimrana… -, it wouldn’t be fare for Sri Lanka ( and after all, given my endless love for India…)
That being said, Ella just blew my freaking mind away.

dsc00737We reached Ella after a 7hr arse soaring journey (We, as in Silvia, David & I, a couple a met while we were body-rubbing in the crowded train… among many many other « bodies »)
During those 7hrs, as you’re in a packed-as-can-be train, you tend to bound with ease with who ever is surrounding you.
I’d suggest you to mingle around, and maneuver your way around this magna of human mass, and find yourself a spot by the door.  Make sure you’re on the right side of the mountain, and then just… let it be.
7 hrs is actually quite long, but freaking worth it.dsc00735

Ella, on a first impression, kind of kills that nature vibe you’ve been nourish with so far. It’s unfinished, looks half broken down (or getting back together?), and quite harmonious-less.

It was definitely beer o’clock on arrival; and we happily drank up the evening along, card playing and humbly re-discussing « the world ».

It’s under poooooooring rain I reached my hotel, on top of god knows what hill, in a pitch dark skinny alley. Ella & I didn’t get an easy start. Falling asleep, I was definitely in an « I’m getting out of here » type of mood, as sexy as the hotel & staff was.

Waking up to this the next day changed my perspectives. The rest of the trip was as fab as can be… Here’s a couple of guidelines to get the best out of it : http://blisssaigon.com/lifestyle-culture/ella-hillside-tea-plantation-heaven/


If you had missed Kandy out : http://blisssaigon.com/lifestyle-culture/kandi-sri-lankas-cultural-capital/

Arugam Bay’s up next on the list, stay tuned…


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